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Welcome to Magic CPR!

    Magic CPR is a great way for agents to increase agency
    revenue through improved customer policy retention and
    increased casualty and financial sales. It also reduces
    an agency's risk of errors and omissions and saves an
    agency hundreds of hours by automatically completing
    company mandated customer policy review (CPR) processes,
    such as My Work Items.

    Magic CPR is a software program that allows an agency
    to quickly and easily create and send policy review
    letters to all of their customers. These short letters
    include accurate and individualized customer automobile
    or homeowner policy coverage information and are written
    in a personal and easy to understand language that is
    approved by Allstate.

    Cross sell information, life policy information, and a
    customer information update sheet can optionally be
    included with each policy review letter to generate
    sales and customer communication.

    Magic CPR letters can be printed and mailed by the agency
    to their customers, or the letters can be emailed to
    customers to save money on mailing costs. The letters
    can be saved and/or printed locally for an agency record.
    They can also be uploaded and attached to close out My
    Work Item tasks which are saved online in the customer's
    Relationship History.

    Magic CPR, LLC was formed in 2005 by a now retired
    Allstate agent with 37 years of experience named
    Bill Schindel. Since then Magic CPR has been used by
    thousands of Allstate agents and has dramatically
    increased in functionality through added features,
    many of which were requested by agents like you.

    We are a family owned and operated company who pride
    ourselves in listening to our customers' needs and
    providing high quality software and excellent customer
    service and training.

    For $299.95 annually you can give your customers
    something the competition cannot.

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